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Civil War 

Watch the video clip on Underground Railroad.  Complete the Make-A-Map using the spider template.

BrainPop - Underground Railroad

You are a slave. Your body, your breath, your time belong to a farmer in Maryland. This is your chance to escape to freedom!

Underground Railroad

You are part of the Underground Railroad and writing a secret letter. Drag the words and phrases into the letter.

Write a Secret Letter 

Shop in Boston and see some very strange change.  Click on 1863 to travel back to the Civil War Era.

Time Machine

Match wits with Abraham Lincoln.

Abe Lincolns Crossroads

What if you had to pick a side to fight on during the Civil War?  What side would you choose?

Civil War Soldier

Jump back in time and identify what is wrong in each picture.

Super Sleuth

How much do you know about the Civil War?  Do you want to be a millionaire?

Rags to Riches

Simple Machines

Sign-in to MyBrainPOP. Play the Simple Machines game with Twitch and take the classic quiz.

Simple Machines - Games

Warning …. a very, very complicated contraption!

Goldburger to Go!

Pick-up the correct amount of paper clips by creating an electromagnet with batteries and coils.

Magnet Game

How much do you know about simple machines?

Rags to Riches - Simple Machines

Project Ignite

Earth Day

Can a bunch of school kids really change the world in five minutes a day? This class of primary school kids demonstrate over the course of a week that it only takes five minutes a day to make a positive impact—from recycling to planting fruit and veg and telling jokes.

Change the World in 5 Minutes - Everyday at School

Watch Humans and the Environment movie and complete the Make-A-Map activity. 


Gather evidence and use critical reasoning to convince citizens to stop water pollution and restore balance.

Citizen Science


Use eLibrary to research your historical figure.

Sortify - Natural Resources


  Watch the movie on Genetics and complete the Make-A-Map activity.


Your goal is to breed a certain type of dog by selecting parents with the right traits.

Dog Breeding

Solve the crossword puzzles using words related to traits of living things


Solve the word search using words related to traits of living things

Word Search

Who wants to be a millionaire?

Genetics Rags to Riches

How much do you know about genes?

Genetics Hangman

As "Cell Division Supervisor" inside the cell nucleus, your job is to control cell division to make sure each stage of the cell cycle occurs in the correct order.

Control of the Cell Cycle

Clone a mouse online!

Click and Clone

 Jesse's Picks

Scratch Game One

Scratch Game Two

Scratch Game Three

Scratch Game Four

Cells - Scratch/MaKeyMakey Project

 Tips and Tricks for working with copper tape

Building circuits with copper tape

Tips and Tricks for setting up your MaKeyMakey.MaKey MaKey Tutorial

Generate cool labels for your poster using this site!

Cool Text



More About Cells

 Compare a cell to a factory and complete the activity sheet.

Cells - A Busy Factory

Virtual Cell Tour

Check out the inside of a cell through this 3D computer generated animation!

Inside the Cell

Play the game!

Animal Cells


Choose an animal or plant cell animation.

Cells Alive


Explore the inside of a cell

Cell Anatomy

5A - Hour of Code Minecraft5B - Hour of Code Minecraft


 Watch the video clip about Cell Structures. Complete the Make-A-Map activity.

Cell Structures

If Organelles Could Talk!

Comic Strip

 Cells Song

Science Music Videos

Cells, cells, are made of organelles!

Cell Cell Rap!


Build a plant or animal cell

Construct a cell


Watch the video clip about animal cells.

Animal Cells

Learn about the difference between plant and animal cells.

Comparing Plant and Animal Cells

How much do you know about cells?  Do you want to be a millionaire?

Rags to Riches

iMovie Storyboard:  Only use with SAFARI ... not Chrome!Adventure on High Seas Pollination Party - Scratch Studio  Scratch - Debug It!

Scratch - Debug It!

Solar System

Planets for Kids

Kids Astronomy

NASA - Solar System

Historical Figures - Fakebook

Abraham Lincoln

Watch the video clip on the Abe Lincoln. Complete the Activity Sheet.

Abraham Lincoln

Discover facts about Abe growing up and facing the challenges of frontier life..

Young Abe Lincoln

Learn about the extraordinary life of Lincoln.

Abraham Lincoln


Discover Lincoln’s early days and follow his path to the White House

Help Lincoln get to the White House

Match wits with Abraham Lincoln.

Abe Lincoln - Crossroads

Travel through the Time Machine to the Civil War. Click on 1863!

Time Machine 

Weather and Climate

 Watch the video clip and complete the quiz.

Scholastic Study Jams - Weather and Climate

Complete the questions on winter weather watch

Winter Weather

Wildest Weather Game

Interactive Weather Maker


Edheads Weather Games

The Weather Game

Dust Bowls


Surviving the Dust Bowl



Cardboard Guitar

Scratch MaKeyMaKey Drum Machine


MaKeyMaKey Vibraphone


MaKey MaKey Piano Remix for Yankee Doodle

MaKeyMaKey Bongos

MaKeyMaKey Piano

MaKeyMaKey Scratch Piano

Chamber Music Piano

MaKey MaKey Sound Effects

Virtual Keyboard

Josh Burker – Ideas on Instruments

Blog – AdaFruit MaKeyMaKey



Colonial Idol

Cast your vote for the 2015 winner of Colonial Idol!

Cast Your Vote!

Access all the music and information from the American Pop resource bank!

American Pop Resource Bank

Colonial Idol – Live Event



 Watch the video clip on Photosynthesis and take the quiz.


It’s a game of circular survival. Take a closer look at plants and learn what is needed for photosynthesis. What is the chemical reaction and what does it look like? Where does it all occur within the leaf anatomy and more!

Wonderville – Photosynthesis Game

Can you help Biobot Bob find treasure and rescue your friends from a cave full of bats and vampires? Keep Bob running by using photosynthesis to boost his energy levels!

The Ruby Realm

Revive a dying plant and help it thrive by adjusting its light, atmosphere, and soil. Watch what these changes do on a cellular level, too!

What Plants Need


Photosynthesis Rap


Photosynthesis - Rags to Riches

European Explorers

Scratch - The Pico Show: remix this project

Solar System

Watch a video clip in Brain Pop to learn more about the Solar System and each of the planets.


Explore the solar system and gather facts for your research project.



Try to find the perfect balance and create a solar system like no other!

Build a Solar System

You and your crew are about to blast off to Mars! Now you must decide what to take on the long journey in space.

Mars Adventure


Click on something in the solar system to visit. Planets, moons, asteroids and comets are all places you can explore!

Solar System Game

Test your reflexes and try to identify planets as they circle in their orbit - quick!


Planet Popup

Historical Figures

Search BrainPop to find information on your historical figure.


Use this link to research accomplishments by women in history.

National Women’s History Museum

Discover stories of America’s past

Meet Amazing Americans


Use eLibrary to research your historical figure.

eLibrary Biographies

Thirteen Colonies

Watch the video clip on the Thirteen Colonies.   

Brain Pop - Thirteen Colonies

You are the captain of the Jamestown Colony and it’s up to you to make the decisions! Will your colony survive?

Jamestown Online Adventure

Go on an interactive journey with Captain John Smith to discover Jamestown.

On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Explore Plimoth Plantation

Plimoth Plantation

A colonial memory game!  Who can reach the highest level?


Can you will the million dollars?

Rags to Riches - 13 Colonies

Solar System

Watch the video clip on the Solar System and complete the worksheet,

Brain Pop

In this game, players can build their own solar system, trying to find a perfect balance, or creating a system unlike any we’ve ever seen!!

Build a Solar System

This simulation will let you launch a spacecraft from Earth to Mars.

Fly to Mars

Are we alone? Could there be life beyond our solar system?.

Drake Equation

 KingdomsBeta Test these games!

Watch the video clip on the Six Kingdoms!  Take the quiz.

Brain Pop

Learn about fungi

What Are Fungi?

Have a go at identifying how organisms are grouped in Kingdom ID

Kingdom ID

Classify the organisms into the correct kingdom.

Kingdom of Life Activity

Beat the 3 challenge levels!

Classify Critters

Sort living things into groups

A Touch of Class

Save the mayor whose body has been infected with germs!

Flight of the Kelvins


Animal Classification Games

Research Project - Alternative Energy

Check out the video clips on Solar Energy, Biofuels, Wind Energy, and Fuel Cells.



Kids Korner - Alternative Energy

Explore Renewables

Energy Kids – Renewable Energy


Alliant Energy Kids - Renewable

Renewable Energy Sources


Kids Saving Energy – Renewable Energy

 More on alternative Energy


Play this game to learn about the dangers of fossil fuels!

Earth's Fossil Fuels

The world's energy supplies are in crisis and it is up to you to save the world.

Save the World

Choose future energy options while building a virtual city.


A strategy game where you design and build a wind farms!


Your planet needs you!

Hog and Seek

Solar Energy Defender

Roofus' Solar Home

Climate Kids - Power Up

Save energy with Tinkerbell


Discovery Day - Native Americans of the East

Watch the video clip on the Iroquois,   and then take the quiz.


Build a Longhouse

Try moving the name of each Native American Tribe to the area of the map where they lived

Native American Map Game


You be the historian!  Your job is to figure out the story painted on the buffalo hide.

Buffalo Hide Paintings


Help Bob find artifacts from early native America for his museum.

Early Native America

Learn about the different types of items made by Native Americans. 

Beauty Surrounds Us